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I am Taric Andrade, a Sr. Product Manager, Father, and Human.

I am a self-motivated big picture thinker with excellent communication skills. I can build trust and credibility among the team and clients by producing error-free deliverables and positive team members with problem-solving skills.

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Taric Andrade

Sr. Technical PRODUCT Manager

As a data-driven Product Manager, I built product strategy, made decisions, user research, and market analysis. I'm helping my product team create unique and attractive products that meet customers needs and ultimately help a company meet its business goals.

Taric Andrade

Senior PROJECT Manager

As a Project Manager, I delivered projects in several sectors, such as technology, manufacturing, finance, energy, health, and more. Managing a project is more than scheduled. It is to stay focused on the problem, risk management, and especially on stakeholders' expectations.

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If you're looking for a self-starter who takes ownership of issues and comes up with solutions rather than problems, Taric would be a great addition to your team.
Tarun Maitra

- Tarun Maitra

Taric is an amazing entrepreneur and leader, I have the pleasure to work close with him, he's a very multi-tasking person with a global vision in business.
Miryam Lazarte

- Miryam Lazarte

He's got the game when it comes to making clients and the team he manages happy. Proactive, dedicated and committed to results, he will take your team to next level
Felipe Gutierrez

- Felipe Gutierrez